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Have you ever ask yourself that how you lived during the last period of his life was? You have wasted your life like? Did you miss what life is increasing its inherent rhythm? You find yourself slowing down compared to the changes of society? You need a break, you need to remove all barriers of themselves to come closer to the modern society. And of TUN Travel can help you to arrange a wonderful trip to Vietnam to visit the beautiful places.

Located in the famous Le Loi Street, the building is considered to be living proof to the influence of French architecture in Vietnam. Entering the 20th century, this magnificent building, designed by French architect Ferret Eugene, was built as an opera house with 800 seats to classic French entertainment. Anyone who has been to France may recognize many similarities between Opera and Petit Palais. In fact, like the Reunification Palace, the applied ornament, railing, cartouches, and the roof has been imported directly from France. After 1956, as the activists of the House of Assembly of South Vietnam. It was not until 1975 that the theater was restored to its original purpose of use. Today, the theater stood at the top of the famous Le Loi Boulevard, just adjacent to the Continental and Caravelle hotel, right in the heart of the city.

Reunification Palace architecture is a blend of traditional and modern, typical of the 60s Wandering around its rooms, visitors can be reminded of various important moments in the past of Vietnam, especially of the war room with giant maps and old media devices, as well as the basement labyrinth. The building now serves as a museum, where visitors can watch the planes F5E warplanes that bombed the palace on 8thApril 1975 and 843 tanks led the final assault through supply port power at 11:30 am on April 30, 1975. since its construction, the building has undergone many innovations. A major work was done 1962-1963, making the President changed his office temporarily to Gia Long Palace, now the location of the Museum of Ho Chi Minh City. political instability led to many coming and going of some of President of South Vietnam until 1975 when the war officially ended and Vietnam became one country.

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